Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Crop circles don't seem to be much on people's minds, which is kind of a shame, because they aren't all made by feckless nerds with boards and rope.  Consider, for example:

Feckless nerds maybe, but boards and rope? 

If you're not impressed, consider the execution:  (and what's wrong with you?)

Boards and rope?   For any of the circles pictured above, how were the designs even mapped out?

So, if not stomping, how?  There is apparent evidence that circles with unknown makers were done using electromagnetism.  So, the least outlandish explanation would appear to involve technology that most people don't know about, perhaps run by feckless nerds. 

Feckless alien nerds?

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  1. Great pictures.

    Feckless is one of those great words. You don't hear about anyone being 'feckful', right? And someone can be 'disgruntled', but no one ever is ever really described as 'gruntled'.

    And nerds rule.