Monday, September 21, 2009

Librarius Interruptus

So I'm at a library, trying to place the video in the previous post, and was told I can't download . . .

Sorry, I was interrupted by a guy playing online chess, who can't sense I care more about this post than his game.

Anyway, I couldn't download the video because "these computers are not like your home computers."  The implication was not that the computers were of a different species, but that library computers should not have the functionality of computers in the home.  I stopped asking.

I find this . . .

Sorry, I was interrupted again, this time by a young woman tutoring, on the computer formerly occupied by the chess aficianado.

So I was saying, what are we to make of an . . .

Oh, sorry again, this time a guy is having a fight with his computer.  He appears to be losing, loudly and profanely.

So, what are we paying for?

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